The Two Most Common Forms of Rent Fraud and Craigslist Rental Scams

Because of the high availability of abandoned homes it's easy for con artists to lure victims into various rental fraud scenarios. There are two common forms of rental fraud:

In the first form, a con artist breaks into several homes, sometimes changing the locks, and then creates an online advertisement pretending to be either the owner or authorized to rent on the owner's behalf to draw in potential renters. They then demand first- and last-month's rent, a security deposit or both up front in cash, and then vanish.

The second common form of rental fraud is intimately related to the ongoing mortgage meltdown, and involves property owners themselves renting their home to tenants knowing full well that they are about to go into foreclosure. The ill-fated renter's first clue that something is amiss is when an eviction notice shows up at the door.

DepositShield's Property Report helps protect renters from both forms fraud by first showing who the current legal owner of a property is and secondly by revealing if a property is in pre-foreclosure (usually a notice of trustee's sale) or already foreclosed, within seconds!

See Who Owns and If Your Rental is in Foreclosure