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DepositShield's Property Background Report covers 99% of all residential addresses in the United States and will reveal negative activity recorded on public records for property ownership. Our report empowers tenants and alerts them concerning the potential for the most common forms of rental fraud that can lead to the loss of their entire rental deposit and/or worse, being evicted because of their landlord's financial problems.

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Step 1: Check any U.S. Residential Address for coverage in our system. It's free and there is no obligation to buy or join anything.
Step 2: Verify the County of your address. You'll also see which activities are checked for and how far back our records go. Most reports are current for the past 3 business days.
Step 3: Purchase your property report. Enter your account and billing information and within 120 seconds your report will be retrieved! The cost is $47 US.

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Our goal is to provide a picture of what is happening with any residential property you're either looking to rent or currently living in. The best way to do this is to combine various elements of public record in an easy to understand format for tenants, not city officials. The following list is how most negative property transactions are reported to county, city and state municipalities.

This category of transactions reveals who owns your rental and if it's in good standing with its lending institution(s) and HOA:

This category of transactions shows if your landlord is in serious debt beyond just being late on house payments:

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Our database covers 99% of U.S. Residential Properties. In the event your address is not found your transaction will be voided and no charge issued on your account.

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No one will know you ran a search on their rental property. Our information is an aggregation of past public records and up to within 3 to 15 business days old, and is confidentially delivered to you.