How Foreclosure Affects Renters

Did you know that if the property you're renting is foreclosed upon you may be evicted?

Don't wake up to a surprise knock on your front door in the middle of the night by the Sheriff or Bank Trustee.

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Our Reports Help Protect You From Rental Fraud

How do you know that your "landlord" actually owns the property you're renting?

A form of rental fraud is growing at an alarming rate. Foreclosed homes are being rented out to multiple tenants and the phony landlord or management company is keeping their deposits.

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Have a Student Graduating?

It is especially difficult to know the history of a rental property in the academic world because turnover is so much higher.

DepositShield's Property Background check will give you piece of mind when sending your child off to college. The focus has always been put on student and parents for background checks. Don't let an unscrupulous landlord take advantage of your college student's inexperience. Know what kind of property they are getting into before they move in.

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Are You a Real Estate Broker/Agent?

The rental market is shaping up to be a more common real estate transaction handled by agents.

However, frequently there is no form of due diligence performed in a rental transaction. Traditionally, the Escrow process has taken on the mantle of protecting all parties involved in a mortgage transaction. What can an agent do in a rental transaction to help protect the buyer from fraud and/or bad debt that has been attached to their property?

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